Action points from the Webinar 10 September

  • EEA to inform Eionet (NFPs, ETCs and NRCs) about milestones, timeline, and feedback required to enable countries to provide feedback as and when needed (11 October 2018).
  • EEA to ensure that key strategic issues are taken consistently into account in the ongoing developments of the Eionet portal (31 December 2018).
  • EEA to take into account differences in user requirements when developing the portal to cater for different types of user needs (31 December 2018).
  • EEA to keep in mind differences between on the one hand visibility and public information needs, and on the other Eionet needs for networking and sharing (31 December 2018).
  • EEA to explore how to build webpages of (new) ETCs on the EEA website platform to accommodate different needs and kinds of visibility (31 October 2018)
  • EEA to explore how to improve the Forum document storage structure to facilitate the search for past and present documents (31 October 2018).
  • EEA to consult with Forum administrators of working and interest groups before moving these to the archive (31 October 2018).
  • EEA to explore how to make the portal more user friendly (throughout the lifetime of the project).
  • EEA to share Eionet portal development updates with NFPs and ETC managers during the NFP/Eionet meetings in 2018 – 2019.
  • Countries can follow the Eionet portal developments on the project blog

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