Changes to the navigation (new shortcuts introduced)

Given the central importance of the Forum for our main stakeholders we have made some changes to the navigation on both the Eionet portal and the Forum website:

On the Eionet portal, you find now a direct shortcut to the frontpage of the Forum, as well as links for the Management Board and Scientific Committee to login directly to their Interest Groups (saving them to search for them in the full list of the numerous interest groups)

When on the Forum website, the left-side menu includes now options to list “All NRCs groups” and “All ETC groups”.

We will look into further filtering and sorting options to get a better overview of all Interest Groups and to consider merging the Forum and the Projects website into one. These twin websites might initially have been set up for different purposes but in practice it does not work that way. For example, why is the Scientific Committee under Forum but Scientific Committee seminars under Projects?

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