Continuing removing outdated content and navigation

The Meeting & event tool that was still accessible from the main menu of the portal at the start of the “cleaning operation” (see blog post 10 August), albeit not used since 2014, has now been removed.

The next step that we plan to take to remove the overload of navigation options is to remove the secondary menu on the first page of the portal (see screenshot 15 August below)

For that purpose we are redrafting the text under the FrontpageCountries, and About tabs on the old portal. This secondary menu will then be removed and Countries and About added to the main menu in the header, as we demonstrate here on the prototype.


3 thoughts on “Continuing removing outdated content and navigation”

  1. Hi,
    As concerns the “draft” Portal :
    * It is “more clean” (less overloaded with options and with obsolete links) and more than that, the architecture seems also more simple. As it is more user-driven, it looks overall more adapted to the recent tools/developments & to our needs.
    * Is it necessary to go through “NFP – Forum” to get info about the NRCs ? (if yes, this could be improved in order to be more NRC-friendly)As concerns the Planner(s):
    * The WordPress option is rather pleasant to read, but it seems to offer very poor options. easy to read,
    * The TeamUp version is not perfect but it has 3 big advantages: 1°) we can visualise different categories of events with different colours (NOT ONLY meetings, but also consultations / reporting deadlines…). We can of course select the categories we want to see on the screen.
    2°) we can visualize them by list / by month / for the whole year… (ideally, I would like that the final tool allows us to visualise also for 3 months = a quarter)
    3°) we can download the events into CSV FORMAT (ideally, I would like that the final tool allows to download directly in xls format !)
    Note : In an utopic world, when I click on the event, I go to the webpage of the meeting, its agenda, list of participants, etc.

    Good continuation !


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