Follow up of the Eionet portal consultation 17-31 October 2018

Thanks you for your feedback on the proposal for an improved structure/navigation for the Eionet portal that we presented in the “Third email to the NFP/Eionet group” on 17 October (announcing a consultation period from 17 to 31 October).

Quoting this email, we planned to “implement the new structure already in the week of 5-9 November (unless we get so many diverging comments that we find another consultation round to be necessary)”.

We indeed find now that we have got some alternative proposals, both on the project blog and in email messages directly to me, so a prolonged consultation period would be justified.

We got four volunteers from the NFP/Eionet Group to interact with the project team between NFP/Eionet Group meetings: Jan Voet (BE), Sofia Rodrigues (PT), Régis Farret (FR), and Elisa Järvenpää (FI). I propose that the EEA project team works with them to prepare a couple of alternatives based on the feedback we have received and we then present these in the NFP/Eionet webinar scheduled on 13 November, aiming at implementing the changes soon thereafter.

As agreed in the meeting in Athens, I will be sharing project documents with the NFP/Eionet group on the Eionet Forum, on top of the project blog on the test website. For that purpose, I have created a subfolder under the ICT User Group.

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