Second email to the NFP/Eionet group

With the risk of overloading you with information, I’m hereby sending you a second email about the project, only a week after the first one. Those of you who have visited the project test website ( , password: Eionet) have seen that I include more frequent updates in blog posts there. In the coming months I will limit the number of direct emails to you and rather rely on that you keep yourself informed of the details on the blog (as well as giving you the opportunity to provide feedback to the blog posts). Please therefore let me know if you have any problems accessing and logging in to the test website.

Yesterday we implemented on the Eionet portal itself the changes that I mentioned in my blog post of 15 August, thereby starting updating it as far as we can reasonably to within the limits of what the old technical platform offers.

The next steps on the old portal will be to bring more order to the Forum website (and the twin Project website) by revising the presentation of the Interest groups, removing groups that are not active anymore and include sorting options and filters for the visitors (for example to view lists of “All NRC interest groups” and “All ETC interest groups”).

I look forward to discuss the project with you in the Webinar on 10 September. Prior to that I will on the blog provide a list of the portal improvement ideas (and ideas of new functionalities to be added) that I have got so far.

Best regards,


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