The project plan in all its simplicity

The portal itself is made up of the web pages and tools found under the main domain on the Zope IT platform. Many of the tools and services are on separate websites, such as the Forum ( and many of the Reportnet tools, such as the Reporting Obligation database ( Some of these tools, such as the Repornet tools, are outside the scope of the portal project.

The website including this blog was set up on the WordPress platform as a prototype for the new portal, for the purpose of consulting with the Eionet community of users before implementing changes on the operational Zope platform. In 2019 the Zope portal will then be moved to a new IT platform (currently foreseen to be Plone)

By slowly adapting the old platform (Zope) to the structure we agree upon as most appropriate for the newplatform (on Plone), making use of prototype built on a simple tool (WordPress) for testing and consulting, the migration (Zope->Plone) that takes place next year will hopefully go smoothly. Plone is indeed built on top of Zope which ensures quickly integrating the old tools on the new platform.

In a bullet form the project plan is therefore as follows:

  • Build prototype on WordPress (summer 2018)
  • Test and consult (autumn 2018)
  • Implement agreed changes on the old portal (autumn 2018)
  • Repeat the first three steps (autumn 2018)
  • Migrate the old portal to a new (Plone) platform (2019)
  • Consult with Eionet on requirements for new tools and services (2018-2019)
  • Develop new tools and services (2019)

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