Updated improvement proposals list

  • Extend the country pages under https://www.eionet.europa.eu/countries to include also data reporters (i.e. not only the national Eionet organisations). Completed: NFPs, – please check if this works for your country and let me know if not)
  • Possibility to share documents uploaded to the NFP/Eionet Forum group to a wider network (and vice versa, documents in meeting folders within an NRC Interest Group to be available for the National Focal Points)
  • Introductory documents that are now only in the NFP/Eionet Forum group to be made more widely available
  • Make more use of roadmaps and other illustration techniques to visualise processes
  • Most urgent: Eionet planner to be reintroduced (meetings, consultations, events,….) (all Eionet deadlines in the same place). To be visual (visual planner) and enable users to download content.
  • Introduce consultation processes that can include users without Eionet account (and the possibility to summarise comments per countries)
  • Make use of editing tools, a la Google docs, for joint editing of documents
  • Introduce possibilities to post questions and comments during meetings (for later use)
  • Create a simple Introductory document on “How to start a data flow
  • Abandon the ETC websites on the Eionet portal (when the new ETCs become operational on 1 January) and replace by pages to present the ETCs on the EEA website, while covering the networking aspects in the ETC groups on the Eionet Forum.
  • Make the portal ready to be GDPR compliant
  • Simplify the navigation and make the structure of the portal more intuitive (reorganise the content in a more natural way for the users (different entry point for different users)
  • For each NRC, easily digestible overview of key priorities, tasks and deadlines
  • Make NRCs more visible, NRC entry point to their Forum groups to be available from the first page
  • Possibility to edit/update the NRC information in the Eionet directory at national level rather than only centrally
  • Maintain an overview of State of Environment reports (SERIS) as a part of the country information on the EEA’s main website
  • Make self-registration to get an Eionet account possible
  • Merge the Forum and Project websites
  • Not use the footer menu (on the prototype) for the most “important” information (reserve it for contact and legal information)
  • Create an Eionet logo
  • Restore the field of the owner/author in Forum
  • Restore the option to find disabled users in the “find a person mode” for the NFPs logged in
  • Switch off automatic acceptance for everybody who registers at the participants list for the NRC meeting. Wait with changing the status into the “accepted” for the NFP decision.
  • In case of report consultation via Forum give the NFPs the possibility to easily coordinate the answer, monitor the actions and share the results with people they want to (but restricted by them), at any time
  • In case of report consultation via Forum give the answering person (it can be NFP, it can be NRC person depending on the report) the possibility to easily involve the other person they want to (colleagues and bosses) – but do not open it for everybody
  • In case of EEA reports and other products consultation made via Forum make country comments stored in one place, easily to be found, cited, shared, presented to control authorities, archived etc.
  • Include more interactive tools for knowledge sharing, capacity building and discussions. Consider using social media if such functions can’t be added as part of the portal.

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