About events

The Eionet Planner calendar includes the following types of events:


The Eionet Planner includes all meetings and webinars of the Management Board, Bureau, Scientific Committee, NFP/Eionet group and the National Reference Centres.

These meetings are registered in the calendar once the dates in a given year have been scheduled and thereafter updated as needed. Further details about the meetings are added once becoming available (for example links to the meeting invitations in the Eionet mail archive and links to the meeting folders in the Eionet Forum Interest groups).

Other meetings can be added to the Planner if deemed of general interest for the network.

Publications and consultations

All publications in EEA’s yearly Publications Plans are included in the Planner. Initially they are  recorded in a separate table (the EEA Publication Plan) and not visible in the main calendar view. When the launch date has been scheduled a calendar event is created and the publication date becomes visible in the main calendar view.  For those publications that undergo Eionet consultations, the start, end and period of the foreseen consultation is included in the Planner. The list of consultations can also include products that are not in the publication plan (for example indicators).  Ongoing consultations are marked as Featured events and closed consultations as Strike-through events.)

Reporting obligations and data flows

The Eionet Planner includes every year the deadlines in the Reporting Obligation Database (ROD) for Reporting obligations where the delivery process is managed by EEA. For most Reporting obligations the calendar event only includes a direct link to the corresponding record in ROD. When a Reporting obligation is an Eionet core data flow it is recorded in the calendar both as a Reporting Obligation and an Eionet core data flow (marked as a Featured event). Further information about the Reporting obligations, such as the Data call emails, are added when available.

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