Eionet consultations – end dates

Consultations marked with strike-through over the title have been completed. Consultations labelled as Featured are ongoing. The calendar includes in many cases a link to the email launching the consultation. The email archive is only accessible by Eionet members and EEA staff.



07febAll DayPesticides in Europe’s watersETC ICM report (Consultation end)

24feb00:0000:00Waste Prevention ProgrammesRequest for information on update of national waste prevention programmes by 24 February


13marAll DayFeaturedManaging bio-waste in Europe: turning challenges into opportunitiesConsultation end (Standard EEA report - EEA/Publ/2020/002)

15marAll DayAnnual European Union greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2018 and inventory report 2020Deadline for review of the draft report

20marAll DayFeaturedMonitoring, reporting and evaluation of climate change adaptation policiesConsultation end (Standard EEA Report)


01aprAll DayFeaturedSDGs and the environment in Europe: A cross-country analysisConsultation end (EEA/PUBL/2020/021 - HTML)

22aprAll DayConsultation: Fuel quality monitoring in the EU in 2018

24aprAll DayConsultation: Cross-border regional cooperation for deployment of renewable energy sources

30aprAll DayConsultation: The case for increasing recycling - Estimating the maximum potential for recycling in Europe (Copy)


11mayAll DayConsultation: Annual EU LRTAP Convention emission inventory report 1990-2018

11may12:0012:00Deadline: Written feedback draft EEA-Eionet strategy 2021-2030

12mayAll DayConsultation: Urban adaptation in Europe

31mayAll DayConsultation: CLC+ consultation process


01junAll DayConsultation: Cutting greenhouse gas emissions through circular economy actions in the building sector

04junAll DayConsultation: Biodegradable plastics – solution or threat?

04junAll DayDeadline comments EEA briefing biodegradable plastics

25junAll DayConsultation deadline: State of Nature Report

26jun08:1308:13Consultation: Greenhouse gas intensities of transport fuels in the EU in 2018


08julAll DayConsultation: Bathing Water Management

15julAll DayConsultation: Life cycle benefits of renewable electricity generation

24julAll DayConsultation: Urban waste water and on water reuse indicators


12augAll DayConsultation: Sustainable European Cities

14augAll DayConsultation: Trends and Projections 2020 report

17augAll DayConsultation: Greenhouse gas intensities of transport fuels in the EU in 2018

24augAll DayConsultation: Water and agriculture


07sepAll DayConsultation: Health risks caused by environmental noise

11sepAll DayConsultation: Nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based approaches



18febAll DayAdaptation challenges and opportunities for the European energy systemEEA/Publ/2019/004 (Consultation end)


01marAll DayState and Outlook for Europe’s Environment Report (SOER 2020)The draft Integrated Assessment report (Consultation end)

04marAll DayClimate Change adaptation in the agriculture sector in EuropeEEA/Publ/2019/001 (Consultation end)

08marAll DayResource efficiency and circular economy in Europe – even more from lessConsultation end (EEA/PUBL/2018/033: Standard EEA Report plus country fact sheets)

15marAll DayImpacts of renewable energy on air pollutant emissionsEionet report (ETC/CME): Consultation end

19marAll DayQuality and greenhouse gas intensities of transport fuels in the EU in 2017EEA/PUBL/2019/069 (Consultation end)


12aprAll DayEionet Core Data Flows 2018EEA/PUBL/2019/019 (Consultation end)

19aprAll DayEEA Single Programming Document 2020-2022Consultation end


10mayAll DayAnnual report on EU emissions inventory report under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP)EEA/PUBL/2019/042 (Consultation end)

10mayAll DaySustainability transitions: policy and practiceEEA/PUBL/2019/021 (Consultation end)

13mayAll DayWaste prevention: an updated set of factsheets (Batch 1)EEA/PUBL/2019/011 (Country factsheets - Consultation end with the involved countries)

27mayAll DayNEC Directive reporting status 2019 EEA/PUBL/2019/041 (Consultation end)

31mayAll DaySOER 2020 Integrated Assessment - Part 4 (Conclusions)SOER 2020 (End of consultation, Part 4)


10junAll DayCircular economy status reportEEA/PUBL/2018/044 (Consultation end)

12junAll DayQuestionnaire on biowaste in EuropeConsultation end

23junAll DayEUNIS revisionConsultation end: A proposed revision of the inland surface waters section of the EUNIS habitat classification

28junAll DayCountry profiles methodologyMethodology for industrial country profiles (Consultation end)


14julAll DayMarine indicatorsOcean acidification (CLIM 043) and Changes in fish distribution in Europe's seas"(CLIM 015 / MAR 011) (Consultation end)

17julAll DayHuman biomonitoringSurvey on human biomonitoring in your country (Consultation end)

31julAll DayMarine indicatorsCSI 032: Status of marine fish and shellfish in European seas (End of consultation)

31julAll DayAir quality in Europe - 2019 reportEEA/PUBL/2019/046 (Consultation end)


01augAll DayNutrient enrichment and eutrophication in Europe's seasEEA/PUBL/2019/025 (Consultation end)

05augAll DayTransport and environmentEEA/PUBL/2019/060 (Consultation end)

09augAll DayEnvironment and well-being: How environment, social and health factors interact to deliver quality of life across Europe EEA/PUBL/2019/050 (Consultation end)

15augAll DayTrends and projections in Europe 2019 — Tracking progress towards Europe’s climate and energy targetsEEA/PUBL/2019/065 (Consultation end)

23augAll DayFloodplains: Important ecosystems and mitigators of flood riskEEA/PUBL/2019/032 (Consultation end)

27augAll DayAre we losing resources when managing waste in Europe?EEA/PUBL/2019/009 (Consultation end)

31augAll DayIndustrial pollution country profilesEEA/PUBL/2019/006 (Consultation end)


10sepAll DayEionet ABCA short guide to Eionet (consultation end)

13sepAll DayNoise in Europe - 2019 ReportEEA/PUBL/2019/037 (Consultation end)

15sepAll DayMarine Messages IIEEA/PUBL/2019/027 (Consultation end)

15sepAll DayMarine indicators (third batch 2019)Consultation end: Oxygen concentrations in coastal and marine waters (MAR012), Trends in marine non-indigenous species (MAR002) and Pathways of introduction of marine non-indigenous species (MAR003).

19sepAll DayTrends and projections in the EU ETS in 2019ETC report (Consultation end)

20sepAll DayPhysical water accounts databaseConsultation end

27sepAll DayThree GHG productsConsultation end

30sepAll DayLand take indicator (CSI 014 / LSI 001)Consultation end


06octAll DayMarine indicator consultation - MAR 001 / CSI 049Consultation end: Hazardous substances in marine organisms (MAR 001 / CSI 049)

21octAll DaySustainability transition in Europe in the age of demographic and technological change. Implications for fiscal revenues and financial investmentsConsultation end: EEA/PUBL/2018/042. Earlier title: Looking backwards, looking forwards: how demographic prospects, technological advances and fiscal-finance policy choices can drive a European green economy transition


01novAll DayWaste indicatorsConultation end: Waste generation (WST 004), Waste recycling (WST 005) and Diversion on waste from landfill (WST 006)

08novAll DayDrivers of change and implications on European production and consumption systemsEEA/PUBL/2019/035 (Consultation end)

15novAll DayLand productivity indicator (LSI 009)Consultation end

24nov00:0000:00Water indicatorsConsultation end: Two water indicators (CSI 019 / WAT 002 and CSI 020 / WAT 003)

29novAll DayConstruction and demolition waste: state of playEEA/PUBL/2019/010 (Consultation end)


13decAll DayRenewable energy in Europe - 2019: Recent growth and knock-on effectsETC report (Consultation end)

18decAll DayWater use intensity of crop productionConsultation end - Indicator WAT006

19decAll DayUse of freshwater resourcesConsultation end - Use of freshwater resources indicator (Water exploitation index plus-WEI+) - CSI 018/WAT 001

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