A snapshot of the Eionet Planner calendar is available as an Excel file, in the Outlook csv format and as as ics calendar file
The snapshot files are prepared on a regular basis (once per month or whenever major updates have been made)
Snapshot (9 July 2019) as Excel file: Download
Snapshot (9 July 2019) in csv format (for importing to MS Outlook): Download
Snapshot (9 July 2019) in ics format: Download
The Excel and csv files include the following attributes from the Eionet Planner calendar:
  • Subject (Title of event)
  • Details, (Further description of the event, if applicable)
  • Start date and Start time
  • End date and End time
  • Full day event (yes/no)
  • Location (if applicable)
  • Subtitle (For example the identification number of a publication)
  • Category 1 (NFP/Eionet group meeting, Management Board meeting, etc)
  • Category 2 (Thematic classification)

In order to match the Outlook csv standard for importing the files include also the following fields:

  • Categories: (Category 1 and Category 2 combined)
  • Description: (Subtitle and Details combined)

The ics file is created from MS Outlook after importing the csv file and has therefore the same attributes.

The time in the file is the local time of the event locations, and in case of virtual meetings such as webinars, Central European Time (CET) and Central European Summer Time (CEST)  (GMT+1 at standard time and GMT+2 in the daylight saving period)

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