Planned launch dates of publications 2020

The launch dates are provisional dates unless the event is marked as confirmed.


16janAll DayFeaturedConstruction and demolition waste: Challenges and opportunities in a circular economy (Published)EEA/PUBL/2019/010 (Briefing)


03febAll DayFeaturedThe first and last mile – key to sustainable urban transport (PUBLISHED)Report and Briefing (EEA/PUBL/2019/061)

04febAll DayFeaturedFluorinated greenhouse gases 2019 (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/057 (Standard EEA report)

10febAll DayFeaturedEEA story map on climate impacts (PUBLISHED)


03marAll DayFeaturedFloodplains: Important ecosystems and mitigators of flood riskEEA/PUBL/2019/032 (Standard EEA report) - Confirmed launch date

05marAll DayFeaturedNoise in Europe - 2019 ReportEEA/PUBL/2019/037 (Standard EEA report) - Confirmed launch date

10marAll DayEmission trends and drivers in the Effort Sharing sectorsEEA/PUBL/2019/068 (Briefing)

12marAll DayCitizen science tools for assessing air quality - application of low cost measurement devicesEEA/PUBL/2019/048 (Signals-style AS5-format)


01aprAll DayResource efficiency and the circular economy in Europe 2019EEA/PUBL/2020/025 (Standard EEA report)

17aprAll DayReport: Is Europe living within the limits of our planet?Joint report with FOEN Switzerland


19mayAll DayReport: Drivers of change of relevance for Europe's environment and sustainabilityEEA/PUBL/2019/025 (Briefing)


03junAll DayReport launch: Monitoring CO2 emissions from passenger cars and vans in 2018EEA/PUBL/2019/058

08jun12:0012:00Report: European Bathing Water quality

17junAll DayReport: Managing bio-waste in EuropeEEA/Publ/2020/002 (Standard EEA report)

18jun10:0010:00Briefing: Europe’s consumption in a circular economy

23junAll DayReport: The case for increasing recyclingLaunch date

24junAll DayReport: Sustainable transitions in Europe in the age of demographic and technological changeLaunch date

30junAll DayReport tbc: Emerging challenges of waste management in EuropeEEA/Publ/2020/003

30jun10:0010:00Report: National Emission reduction Commitments Directive reporting status 2020Launch date


02jul10:0010:00Report: Building a coherent Trans-European Nature NetworkLaunch date

09julAll DayReport: Cutting GHG through CE actions in the buildings sectorEEA/PUBL/2020/076

23jul10:0011:00Report: LRTAPEEA Report No 5/2020


Publication plan 2020

The Publication Plan 2020 was adopted by the Management Board on 4 December 2019 as an annex to the EEA’s Single Programming Document 2020 – 2022. The publications will be added to the calendar once a provisional launch date has been set.

Product type Title and identifier Estimated launch
1 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Annual report: Air quality in Europe
2 Briefing R*
(Key assessment)
Annual report: Reporting status under NEC Directive
3 EEA report R*
(Key assessment)
Annual report: EU emissions inventory report under LRTAP Convention
4 Briefing National actions to reduce air pollutant emissions and synergies with GHG reduction measures
5 Briefing Estimating health impacts caused by exposure to environmental noise
6 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Annual report: Trends and projections in Europe tbd
7 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Annual report: Fluorinated greenhouse gases (PUBLISHED)
8 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Annual report: Transport and environment (New title: TERM 2019: The first and last mile – key to sustainable urban transport) (PUBLISHED)
9 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Briefing accompanying the annual submission of the EU under the UNFCCC: “Annual European Union greenhouse gas inventory 1990–2018 and inventory report 2020” tbd
10 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Briefing accompanying the annual submission of the EU under the Montreal Protocol tbd
11 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Trends and projections in the EU ETS tbd
12 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Renewable energy in Europe tbd
13 Briefing Benefits of circular economy actions on decarbonisation in the construction and building sector tbd
14 Briefing Benefits of circular economy actions on decarbonisation in the agri-food sector tbd
15 Briefing Analysis of the second-hand market for used vehicles in Europe tbd
16 Briefing Co-benefits of renewable electricity generation tbd
17 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Assessment of urban climate change adaptation
18 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Assessment of national climate change adaptation strategies and policies
19 Briefing Summary of climate change impacts in Europe tbd
20 Briefing Impacts of climate change outside Europe (‘spill-over’) tbd
21 Briefing R*)
(Key assessment))
European bathing water quality in 2019 (Annual) tbd
22 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Water and agriculture: water pollution, water abstraction and hydromorphology tbd
23 EEA report Bathing water quality – Integrated assessment tbd
24 Briefing Dams and reservoirs in Europe, water quality and biodiversity tbd
25 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Pressures and cumulative effects in Europe’s seas tbd
26 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Biodiversity in Europe’s seas tbd
27 EEA report
(Key assessment)
State of Nature, presenting EU level assessments and national summaries of 2013-2018 reports under the nature directives tbd
28 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Integrated ecosystem assessment under MAES, incl. thematic ecosystems like wetlands, using nature reporting data and relating to pressures tbd
29 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Summary on SEBI 2020 indicators – updated in support of BD 2020 tbd
30 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Ecosystem extent accounts tbd
31 Leaflet / Briefing BISE re-launch, communicating the BD 2020 tbd
32 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Protected areas – their State and effect on biodiversity tbd
33 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Effectiveness of the N2000 – network tbd
34 Briefing
(Key assessment)
The investment case for GI tbd
35 Briefing Geospatial support to ecosystems assessment tbd
36 Joint report


Soil condition in Europe tbd
37 EEA report Managing bio-waste in Europe: turning challenges into opportunities
38 Briefing Emerging challenges of waste management in Europe: the limits of recycling
39 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Macro-economic transition: framing of what’s at stake tbd
40 EEA report Increasing circularity in European industry – resource efficiency, pollution reduction, and use of raw materials
41 Signals-style report Curbing the environmental pressures from plastics
42 Briefing Environment and climate pressures from plastic use in textiles
43 Briefing Premature obsolescence of products – impacts for Europe’s resource efficiency
44 Eionet report National CE monitoring frameworks
45 Briefing Safe by design chemicals – opportunities to protect health and Europe’s ecosystems
46 Briefing
(Key assessment)
Drivers of change and sustainability in Europe, systemic implications for environment tbd
47 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Urban sustainability in Europe tbd
48 EEA report
(Key assessment)
From knowledge to action report, based on SOER 2020 integrated assessment report tbd
49 Joint report
(Key assessment)
Within Limits of the Planet report, an Environment Knowledge Community Knowledge Innovation Project
50 Briefing Eionet country core data flows 2019 tbd
51 Signals-style report
(Key assessment)
Signals 2020 tbd
52 EEA report
(Key assessment)
Regional assessment report on the Mediterranean – 2nd Horizon2020 regional assessment tbd
53 Corporate document
(Key assessment)
EEA Strategy 2021-2030 tbd
54 Corporate document EEA Single Programming Document tbd
55 Corporate document EEA Consolidated Annual Activity Report tbd
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