Eionet consultations – start dates

Consultations marked with strike-through over the title have been completed. Consultations labelled as Featured are ongoing. The calendar includes in many cases a link to the email launching the consultation. The email archive is only accessible by Eionet members and EEA staff. 



18janAll DayAdaptation challenges and opportunities for the European energy systemEEA/Publ/2019/004 (Consultation start)

21janAll DayState and Outlook for Europe’s Environment Report (SOER 2020)The draft Integrated Assessment report (Consultation start)

28janAll DayClimate Change adaptation in the agriculture sector in EuropeEEA/PUBL/2019/001 (Consultation start)


05febAll DayImpacts of renewable energy on air pollutant emissionsEionet report (ETC/CME): Consultation start

11febAll DayResource efficiency and circular economy in Europe – even more from lessConsultation start (EEA/PUBL/2018/033: Standard EEA Report plus country fact sheets)

18febAll DayEEA Single Programming Document 2020-2022Consultation start

27febAll DayQuality and greenhouse gas intensities of transport fuels in the EU in 2017EEA/PUBL/2010/069 (Consultation start)


15marAll DayEionet Core Data Flows 2018EEA/PUBL/2019/019 (Consultation start)

29marAll DaySustainability transitions: policy and practiceEEA/PUBL/2019/021 (Consultation start)


10aprAll DayAnnual report on EU emissions inventory report under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP)EEA/PUBL/2019/042 (Consultation start)

29aprAll DayWaste prevention: an updated set of factsheets (Batch 1)EEA/PUBL/2019/011 (Country factsheets - Consultation start with the involved countries)


10mayAll DayEUNIS revisionConsultation start: A proposed revision of the inland surface waters section of the EUNIS habitat classification

13mayAll DayNEC Directive reporting status 2019 EEA/PUBL/2019/041 (Consultation start)

14mayAll DayCircular economy status reportEEA/PUBL/2018/044 (Consultation start)

14mayAll DayQuestionnaire on biowaste in EuropeConsultation start

16mayAll DaySOER 2020 Integrated Assessment - Part 4 (Conclusions)SOER 2020 (Start of consultation, Part 4)


05junAll DayCountry profiles methodologyMethodology for industrial country profiles (Consultation start)

07junAll DayMarine indicatorsCLIM 043: Ocean acidification (CLIM 043) and CLIM 015/MAR 011: Changes in fish distribution in Europe's seas (Consultation start)

12junAll DayNutrient enrichment and eutrophication in Europe's seasEEA/PUBL/2019/025 (Consultation start)

17junAll DayHuman biomonitoringSurvey on human biomonitoring in your country (Consultation start)

24junAll DayEnvironment and well-being: How environment, social and health factors interact to deliver quality of life across Europe EEA/PUBL/2019/050 (Consultation start)

26junAll DayMarine indicatorsCSI 032: Status of marine fish and shellfish in European seas (Start of consultation)

28junAll DayPhysical water accounts databaseConsultation start

28junAll DayTransport and environmentEEA/PUBL/2019/060 (Consultation start)


02julAll DayEionet ABCA short guide to Eionet (consultation start)

03julAll DayAir quality in Europe - 2019 reportEEA/PUBL/2019/046 (Consultation start)

09julAll DayIndustrial pollution country profilesEEA/PUBL/2019/006 (Consultation start)

11julAll DayMarine Messages IIEEA/PUBL/2019/027 (Consultation start)

11julAll DayFloodplains: Important ecosystems and mitigators of flood riskEEA/PUBL/2019/032 (Consultation start)

19julAll DayTrends and projections in Europe 2019 — Tracking progress towards Europe’s climate and energy targetsEEA/PUBL/2019/065 (Consultation start)

23julAll DayMarine indicators (third batch 2019)Consultation start: Oxygen concentrations in coastal and marine waters (MAR012), Trends in marine non-indigenous species (MAR002) and Pathways of introduction of marine non-indigenous species (MAR003).

30julAll DayAre we losing resources when managing waste in Europe?EEA/PUBL/2019/009 (Consultation start)


09augAll DayNoise in Europe - 2019 ReportEEA/PUBL/2019/037 (Consultation start)


06sepAll DayTrends and projections in the EU ETS in 2019ETC Report (Consultation start)

06sepAll DayMarine indicator consultation - MAR 001 / CSI 049Consultation start: Hazardous substances in marine organisms (MAR 001 / CSI 049)

10sepAll DayLand take indicator (CSI 014 / LSI 001)Consultation start

13sepAll DayThree GHG productsConsultation start

18sepAll DaySustainability transition in Europe in the age of demographic and technological change. Implications for fiscal revenues and financial investmentsConsultation start: EEA/PUBL/2018/042 (Earlier title: Looking backwards, looking forwards: how demographic prospects, technological advances and fiscal-finance policy choices can drive a European green economy transition


11octAll DayWaste indicatorsConsultation start: Waste generation (WST 004), Waste recycling (WST 005) and Diversion on waste from landfill (WST 006)

11octAll DayDrivers of change and implications on European production and consumption systemsEEA/PUBL/2019/035 (Consultation start)

18octAll DayLand productivity indicator - LSI 009Consultation start

24oct00:0000:00Water indicatorsConsultation start: Two water indicators (CSI 019 / WAT 002 and CSI 020 / WAT 003)


06novAll DayFeaturedConstruction and demolition waste: state of playEEA/PUBL/2019/010 (Consultation start)

15novAll DayFeaturedRenewable energy in Europe - 2019: Recent growth and knock-on effectsETC report (Consultation start)

27novAll DayFeaturedWater use intensity of crop productionConsultation start - Indicator WAT006

28novAll DayFeaturedUse of freshwater resourcesConsultation start - Use of freshwater resources indicator (Water exploitation index plus-WEI+) - CSI 018/WAT 001




17janAll DayPesticides in Europe’s watersETC ICM report (Consultation start)


01febAll DayMonitoring, reporting and evaluation of climate change adaptation policiesConsultation start (Standard EEA Report)

A graphical representation (timeline) of the consultations in the Planner is available here (snapshot 23 July)