Launch dates of EEA publications 2019


16janAll DayChemicals in European waters – Knowledge developments (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2018/053 (Standard EEA report)


04febAll DayUnequal exposure and unequal impacts: social vulnerability to air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures in Europe (PUBLISHED)EEA/Publ/2018/037 (Standard EEA Report)

27febAll DayMapping Europe's ecosystems (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2018/051 (EEA Briefing, 4 pages)


15marAll DayEEA Newsletter (PUBLISHED)EEA Newsletter, Issue 2019/1

18marAll DayEurope's urban air quality — re-assessing implementation challenges in cities (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2018/019 (Standard EEA Report)

20marAll DayIndustrial waste water in Europe (PUBLISHED)EA/PUBL/2018/024 (Standard EEA report)

27marAll DayTools to support green infrastructure planning and ecosystem restoration (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/039 (Briefing, 4 pages)


04aprAll DayMonitoring CO2 emissions from new passenger cars and vans in 2017 (PUBLISHED) EEA/PUBL/2018/013 (Standard EEA report)


15mayAll DayContaminants in Europe's seas (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/026 (Standard EEA Report)

22mayAll DayNatural capital accounting in support of policymaking in Europe (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2017/068 (Standard EEA Report)

29mayAll DayAnnual European Union greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2017 and inventory report 2019 (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/051 (Standard EEA report)


03junAll DayPreventing plastic waste in Europe (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/008 (Standard EEA report)

06junAll DayEuropean bathing water quality in 2018 (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/029 (Standard EEA report)

06junAll DayBathing water quality - country reports (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/030 (Country fact sheets, 8 pages)

17junAll DayEEA Newsletter (PUBLISHED)EEA Newsletter, Issue 2019/2

18junAll DayAdaptation challenges and opportunities for the European energy system (PUBLISHED)EEA/Publ/2019/004 (Standard EEA report)

19junAll DayEEA 25th anniversary publication (PUBLISHED)EEA/COMM/2018/029

26junAll DayAssessing the effectiveness of EU policy on large combustion plants in reducing air pollutant emissions (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2018/025 /2019/007 (Standard EEA report)

28junAll DayNEC Directive reporting status 2019 (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/041 (Briefing)


01julAll DayEionet core data flows 2018 (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/019 (Briefing)

08julAll DayA decade of industrial pollution data (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/007 (Briefing)

10julAll DayCountry factsheets on resource efficiency and circular economy in Europe (Published)A set of 32 country factsheets that summarise policies and initiatives on the area of resource efficiency and circular economy. (Initially: EEA/PUBL/2019/015)

22julAll DayAnnual report on EU emissions inventory report under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP) (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/042 (Standard EEA report)


04sepAll DayClimate Change adaptation in the agriculture sector in Europe (PUBLISHED)EEA/Publ/2019/001 (Standard EEA Report)

10sepAll DaySustainability transitions: policy and practice (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/021 (Standard EEA report)

16sepAll DayOzone-depleting substances 2019 (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/056 (Standard EEA report)

16sepAll DayEEA Newsletter (PUBLISHED)EEA Newsletter, Issue 2019/3

24sepAll DayImpacts of fiscal incentives on passenger car emissions (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/062 (Briefing)

30sepAll DaySignals 2019 (EN) - LAND AND SOIL IN EUROPE (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/018 (Signal-style AS5-format)


01octAll DayPaving the way for a circular economy: insights on status and potentials (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2018/044 (Standard EEA report)

09octAll DayUrban waste water treatment for 21st century challenges (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/024 (Briefing)

16octAll DayAir quality in Europe - 2019 report (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/046 (Standard EEA report)

17octAll DayEMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emission Inventory Guidebook 2019 (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/045 (Standard EEA report, publication date to be decided)

28octAll DayThe plastic waste trade in the circular economy (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/014 (Briefing, 4 pages)

28octAll DayReducing loss of resources from waste management is key to strengthening the circular economy in Europe (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/009 (Briefing)

31octAll DayQuality and greenhouse gas intensities of transport fuels in the EU in 2017 (Published)EEA/PUBL/2019/069 (Standard EEA Report)

31octAll DayApproximated EU GHG inventory: proxy GHG estimates for 2018 (Published)EEA/PUBL/2019/052 (Standard EEA report)

31octAll DayThe EU Emissions Trading System in 2019: trends and projections (Published)EEA/PUBL/2019/067 (Briefing)

31octAll DayTrends and projections in Europe 2019 — Tracking progress towards Europe’s climate and energy targets (Published)EEA/PUBL/2019/065 (Standard EEA report)


19novAll DayTextiles in Europe’s circular economy (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/013 (Briefing)

27novAll DayMore national climate actions expected, but how effective are the existing ones? (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/055 (Briefing)

28novAll DayEuropean Air Quality City RankingLaunch of the online European Air Quality City Ranking


04decAll DaySOER 2020 Integrated Assessment report (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/033 (Standard EEA report)

11decAll DayNutrient enrichment and eutrophication in Europe's seas (Published)EEA/PUBL/2019/025 (Standard EEA report)

12decAll DayEmerging chemical risks in Europe — ‘PFAS’ (PUBLISHED)EEA/PUBL/2019/028 (Briefing)

16decAll DayEEA Newsletter (PUBLISHED)EEA Newsletter, Issue 2019/4

19decAll DayRenewable energy in Europe: key for climate objectives, but air pollution needs attention (Published)EEA/PUBL/2019/059 (Briefing)

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